Asthma Care Products


Product Features
  • Usable to both adults and child
  • MMD approximately 5 micrometer
  • Nebulizer rate : 0.4 milliliter per minute (without cap)
  • Contains: Compressor, nebulizer kit, air tubes, 5 pieces replacement filters, mouth piece, adult mask, child mask, instruction manual and carrying bag
  • Power consumption: 138VA and 1 year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase

    Oxygen Concentrator

    The Oxygen Concentrator we manufacture is a very versatile and dependable machine for delivering oxygen to the patients who are basically bedridden and are at home. The equipment is not very expensive, stores and provides oxygen therapy to the needy. The vital life source is stored in higher intensity than the natural environment that is why it helps the patient immensely.


    Asthma Care Equipment

    We are supplying a quality range of asthma care equipment, which is in wide demand amongst the patients suffering from Asthma. These asthma care equipment include breathing inhalers, containing medication that can effectively treat the symptoms of Asthma.

    Further, our asthma care equipment also includes

    • Nebulizer ( Italy, Germany, U.S.A, Taiwan, etc.,)
    • Air Purifier
    • Dehumidifier
    • Natural Dehumidifer
    • 02 Concentrator
    • C Pap
    • Nebulizer Kit
    • Allergy Prevention Mask
    • Oxygen
    • Spirometer
    • Peak Flow Meter

    That allows the patient to take asthma medicine in the form of a mist (wet aerosol). To provide utmost satisfaction of our clients, we customize our range of asthma care equipment in accordance with the specifications provided by them.

    Pollution Mask

    The Pollution Mask is very effective against all kinds of general pollution one faces in the cities during daily traveling. Besides, during extreme situation when there is an outbreak of any air borne diseases like different flu, this mask works like a wonder drug, by saving the user from catching any kind of infection. This comes in a nice pack fully germ free and ready for use.

    CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine )

    CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure machine, manufactured by us is a sure treatment for which is used to maintain a small air pressure to keep the airways open while the user is asleep. Our CPAP is the surest machine to take care of breathing problems, like sleep apnea. The mask, the motor and the tube used in the machine are made up of best raw materials and are manufactured in a very restricted atmosphere in order to maintain the cleanliness of the product.


    Portable Oxygen

    Our Portable Oxygen is a boon for those who has this particular problem of breathing and find it difficult to do so very often. Tailor made for those who frequently suffer for this, and this is miracle equipment for them. This has been done keeping in mind the urgency of the situation and its use in such cases. Besides, this is also the quite while in operation so it does not disturb also.


    • Easy to carry as it is very light and
    • To use also as it requires no special technical training.

    Rhinitis Laser Therapy Device

    • Place of Origin: Hubei, China (Mainland)
    • Brand Name: LASPOT
    • Model Number: GD-P
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 14.5x5.5x1.8cm
    • 1pcs/ box: 26.4 x18.7x8.0cm
    • Weight: 0.78kg/set
    • Laser wavelength: 808nm
    • Application range1: cervical spondylosis,slipped disc,arthritis,frozen shoulder
    • Application range2:asthma,bronchitis,facial paralysis,prostatitis,pelvic infection
    Specifications1.cervical spondylosis,lumbar disc herniation, arthritis,prostatitis.
    frozen shoulder, bronchitis,,facial paralysis


    Application Range


    Treat cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, arthritis, shoulder of periarthritis,

    prostatitis, bronchitis,pelvic infection, facial paralysis Etc.



    Therapeutic Principle


    GD-P adopt 808nm to noninvasive irradiate our pain point.To penetrate the meridian,absorb the inflammatory edema.dredge the meridian and channel, producing more biological eyzeme to cure kinds of disease.Such as the cervical spondylosis,lumbar disc of herniation,frozen shoulder, arthritis,prostatitis.

    Clinical test

    3-7 days,Your pain will ease.
    1-3 months,you pain will recover or disappea

    Allergy Face Mask

    Approx Price: Rs 200 / Piece 
    Multi-Purpose Allergy Dust Mask Extremely light weight Utilizes multi-layer filtration Reduces exposure to a variety of allergy inducing particles Ideal for men or women.
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